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More Than Just a Girl
Katie. 20. Determined. Spirited. Sassy. Creative. Trendy. Musical. A Chel/Jasmine/Megara. Lindsay Lohan minus her paparazzi past. [Though we've loved her and stuck by her during her difficult times - I've just never had personal dealings with things like that myself. We love you Lindsay!] Believes in The Beatles. Loves her family and friends. Crushes on Dominic Monaghan. Calls Nicole Kidman her goddess. Has not only the heart and mind of a Ravenclaw but also of a Slytherpuff. Roleplays as Hannah Abbott & Rita Skeeter.
I am the Lindsay Lohan (actress/musician) of Livejournal.

Stage Credits (Those High School Drama Club Years)
- Into The Woods--Rapunzel (2010)
- Nunsense--Sister Mary Amnesia (2009)
- My Fair Lady--Eliza Doolittle (2008)
- The Breakfast Club--Claire (2007)

The Stamps
Jasmine @ princesscom
Aladdin @ princesscom
Maleficent, Ursula @ princesscom
Sebastian @ princesscom
Chel, Jasmine @ animated_beauty
Nala - Animal Theme
Hercules - Hero Theme
Hades, Shere Khan - Villain Theme
Once Upon a Dream - Song Theme
Jasmine @ womenofdisney_r
Hercules - Men of Disney Theme
Lola - Non-Animated Theme
Cruella De Vil - Villain Theme
Cub Nala @ lionkingstamps
Tiger Lily @ peter_panrating
Tinker Bell, Moria Banning - Hook Theme
Rosetta @ pixiehollow
Cedric Diggory @ wizardingworld_
Parvati Patil @ stamped_hp
Katy @ winxreflection
Charlie @ lostrating
Elizabeth Swann @ potc_rate
Will Turner, Joshamee Gibbs @ potc_rating
Tia Dalma @ savvyrate
Tia Dalma @ potc_stamping
Irma @ witchrating
Irma @ witch_rating
Princess Aravis @ the_wardrobe_
Lucy @ narnia_ratings
Justice Strauss @ snicket_rating
Canary Yellow @ color_kids
Malon @ _zelda_rating
Victor Van Dort @ corpsebriderate
Monica @ friends_rating
Christian, Toulouse @ moulin_rating
Jean Grey @ xmenevo_rating
Glinda @ wicked_rating
Sea, Spring @ elementals_
Cinderella, Thumbelina @ mirror_animate
Daphne (Scooby-Doo) - Classic Theme
Calla (Gummi Bears) - 80’s Theme
Hello Nurse (Animanics) - Modern Theme
Sailor Venus - Sailor Moon Theme
Rahne/Wolfsbane - Superhero Theme
Selphie - Final Fantasy Theme
Stella - Winx Club Theme
Nene - Science Fiction Anime Theme
Lemon Meringue - SSC Theme
Ichigo - Magical Girl Anime Theme
Rainbow Bright - Rainbow Bright Theme
Amy Sorel - Fighting Games Theme
Rebecca - PS2 RPG Theme
Elyse, Norelle @ antm_ratings
Bette Davis @ _vintagesirens
Violet @ nightshade_rate
Anchor Baby - The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy Theme
Edward Scissorhands - Johnny Depp Theme
Anna-Sophia Robb - Mirror Theme
Barkis Bittern - Villain Theme
Delia - Beetlejuice Theme
Veruca - Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Theme
Kira, Sarah @ of_fantasy
Nancy, Lucy @ leading_ladies
Magot Yale @ gargoyle_rating
Rachel McAdams, Reese Witherspoon @ starlet_mirrors
Kristin Chenoweth - Broadway Theme
Mischa Barton - TV Theme
Michelle Trachtenberg, Lindsay Lohan - Disney Theme
Jodie Sweetin - 90's Theme
Bette Davis - Classic Theme
Mandy Moore - Music Theme
Ellen Page - Comic Theme
Meredith Monroe - Teen Theme
Heather Graham, Maggie Gyllenhaal - Movie Star Theme
Erika Christensen - Teen Idol Theme
Jodie Foster - Modern Classic Theme
Mitzi Gaynor - Classic Theme II
Anna Faris - Movie Star Theme II
Elisabeth Shue - 80's Theme
Paul McCartney @ beatle_rating
Francine @ shinysugarbowl
Roger Daltery @ who_rating
Globey, Cowboy Curtis @ playhouse_gang
Mary, Lyra (*With a Ferret daemon) @ hdm_stamping
Carrie @ satc_rating
Rita @ animaniacrating
Plum Puddin, Crepes Suzette @ strawberrystamp
Holly @ pullip_rating
Golden Alice - Limited Edition Theme
Aphrodite @ xena_rate
Narissa @ enchantedstamps
Irish, Scottish @ guessmyheritage
Phoebe @ charmed_stamps
Rita Hayworth @ classic_rate
Poison Ivy@ gothamrating
Natasha Rostova @ audrey_rate
Cassie (C3) @ antm_mirror
Shannon - CI Theme
The Claims

I’ve claimed Discorda (Winx), Andrina (Little Mermaid), Hannah Abbott (Harry Potter), Golden Alice (Pullips), Sailor Galaxia (Sailor Moon) → At musagirl15’s blog crews

Nancy at the Oliver! Blog Crew
Claire Standish at The Breakfast Club Blog Crew
Megara at the Hercules Blog Crew

I am Helena Ravenclaw at the Harry Potter blog crew. Join in?

Mew Lettuce Fanlisting
Winx Club blog crew
My little Pony blog crew

I'm Bobbi Adler at the Will & Grace blogcrew! Join?
I'm Berry at the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends blogcrew! Join?
I'm Sadira at the Aladdin Series blogcrew! Join?
I'm Pearl Bodine at the Beverly Hillbillies blogcrew! Join?
I'm Rita Skeeter at the Harry Potter blogcrew! Join?
I'm Aunt Em at the Return to Oz blogcrew! Join?
I'm Van and Minny & Anton Ego at the Pixar Animated Films blogcrew! Join?
I'm Hestia at the Hercules (Disney animated TV series) blogcrew! Join?

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